NTT IndyCar Series team owner Chip Ganassi and Tony Kanaan driver of the No.48 American Legion Honda say it is an honor to represent the American Legion at the Indianapolis 500 this weekend launching their race to end Veteran Suicide.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during the announcement, Ganassi and Kanaan said that it is not a case of being proud but it is instead an honor to represent the American Legion.

Speaking about the announcement, Sergeant Major Barrett said:

“Saying ‘we remember’ and ‘thank you for your service’ is just not enough. “The best way we can honor those who gave their lives to this country is to support and protect those who served alongside them. I’m talking about the men and women who saw their friend take their last breath in battle or experience one of the other horrors of war that they now must live with for the rest of their life. I’m here today to ask you – no, I am imploring you – to honor our nation’s veterans by joining us in giving everything we’ve got to end veteran suicide.”

American Legion National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford said:

“From the day of our founding after World War I, The American Legion has been responsible for tackling the most important issues facing our nation’s veterans. “First, it was in creating the Veterans Bureau, now known as the Department of Veterans Affairs. Then it was by authoring the G.I. Bill. We went on to study and fight for disability relief for veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress and conditions related to Agent Orange exposure, and so much more. Through our mission and our infrastructure, we can fight the battle to end veteran suicide on all fronts, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.”

Major Barrett went on to say:

“We must do something now. “We must show our nation’s veterans that there are welcoming spaces, like The American Legion, where they can go for an understanding ear and helpful resources to get the support they need.”



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