Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing’s Romain Grosjean was delighted with his first NTT P1 Award for the GMR Grand Prix of Indianapolis on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course on Saturday. Speaking to Paddock Eye during a Zoom conference call on Saturday, the Frenchman said that he will use his experience of rolling restarts from F1 but also his previous two IndyCar Series starts at Barber Motorsports and the Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg.

Speaking to Paddock Eye following the session, Grosjean said:

Well, I don’t know. They’re a bit different. But I guess, yeah, I’ve seen a couple. I think I’ve got an idea what to do. Just going to go through the rule book one more time before going to bed.

But should be fine. As you mentioned, restart, I’ve been leading some restarts. I think I will be all right.

Q. In terms of what you’re most looking forward to out of tomorrow’s race, what will that be?

ROMAIN GROSJEAN: When you start on pole, obviously you don’t want to lose position. We’re going to try to stay there. But it’s a long race, 85 laps, a lot can happen. That’s the beauty of INDYCAR, when you are in the back, you hope there’s a good (indiscernible) for you. In the front, you hope there’s not a bad (indiscernible) for you. That’s quite fun.

The good thing about being on pole today is that it may not be the only one. We have a chance when we race again to do more. It’s not like a one-off because it was dry for one or wet for the other. We’ll do our best. We’ll work as well as we can.

But, yeah, should be a fun race.

Grosjean spoke to the team following the session and said:

Amazing. “When I saw the (first qualifying) group I was in, I was like, ‘Oh, dear, if we can get out of the first group, we’re going to be OK,’ and we did. That last few laps, we were on it. What a day for us. I’m happier than I have been in a very long time.”

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