Former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine says he believes that current Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is massively overrated. Speaking to BBC NI, Irvine who drove for Ferrari from 1996 – 99 says that defending Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is the best driver of this era.

Irvine who was Michael Schumacher’s team mate at Ferrari believes that neither Hamilton nor Vettel are anywhere near the German who is in a different world.

The Northern Irishman also believes that Formula One was more popular when he and Michael were racing. Irvine believes that when Hamilton is racing someone he is focused on getting past his rival whereas when Vettel is going for an overtake he is too focused on his rival and this results inevitably in the four time champion crashing and making mistakes.

In a wide ranging interview with BBC NI, Irvine who raced in F1 from 1993 – 2002 with Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar he said that he doesn’t watch the sport anymore because it bores him.

Irvine also believes that manufacturers shouldn’t be allowed to run teams and that they should be engine suppliers.

Irvine believes that the sport needs to take more risks but he does not believe that the new owner will take that risk as they paid a lot of money for the sport.

Irvine also believes that although he is a quick driver, Lewis Hamilton has his flaws and has made mistakes however he says that Michael Schumacher was just on it all the time.

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