Mercedes reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton took his second victory in a week at Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix in Mexico city following a dominant performance by the triple world champion.

Hamilton, who started the race from pole position made a lightening start and never looked back controlling the race to close the gap in the race for the championship to just 19 points to Nico Rosberg who finished the race in second place with just two races remaining this season.

Speaking following the race, Hamilton commented by saying:

This weekend I’ve had really good pace. The car felt really strong from start to finish – night and day compared to last year. I had a good start – but it’s such a long way down to Turn One that everyone just got the tow on me. The right front brake disc had glazed on the formation lap and I couldn’t un-glaze it. I thought it might be okay – but when I hit the brakes it just locked up as the temperature came up and I went flying across the grass. I was lucky to get across and rejoin on the other side of the track. I had a big flat spot – and I mean seriously big. I could barely see the end of each straight with the vibrations and I genuinely didn’t know if my suspension was going to last. I was really lucky not to catch it again and either destroy the tyre or have to come in for an early stop. Luckily, I got it under control and was cruising from quite early on. It’s kinda crazy to think I now have 51 wins. It’s a shame these results are coming so late in the season – possibly too late. You can look back at say that maybe if Malaysia didn’t happen then I’d be in a different position right now. But that’s motor racing.

Nico Rosberg completed a Mercedes 1-2 and can win the championship in Brazil if he wins the race regardless of what Hamilton does.

Hamilton’s victory was his eighth of the season tying him with his team mate and championship leader Nico Rosberg.


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