IndyCar reporter and Fuel the Female founder Katie Harrgitt has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the initiative for 2019.

Speaking about the news, Hargitt said:

I am thrilled to have the support and guidance of four very powerful, intelligent women. These women have excelled in their own fields, and together we can impact more girls across the country,”

Hargitt is joined on the board by 1992 Indianapolis 500 rookie of the year Lyn St James who was recently involved in the selection process for the new all female W Series.

Speaking about the news, St James said:

“I met Katie Hargitt when she attended my Driver Development Program many years ago and have not only stayed in touch with her but have followed her successful career in broadcasting with great pride. “When she shared with me her plans and passion to carry it forward and create something to make a difference in the lives of young females by exposing them to the world of motorsports, I told her, ‘I’m pleased to serve on her board of directors and help her in any way I can.’ She’s bringing the same commitment to Fuel the Female as she did her racing, education and broadcast career.”

Speaking about the news, fellow new board member Teresa Sabatine, Indianapolis Film Commissioner said:

As an advocate for equal access and opportunity for women, my support of Katie’s dreams was a no brainer. Katie has found a way to expose young girls to a world girls typically never get to see. She has mobilized a very talented group of women to give these girls their time and show them that they deserve to dream big for themselves. These girls attend our events and immediately go back to school and get engaged in STEM. Fuel the Female shows you the power of investing in hands-on STEM education for girls. This is the world I want all girls to live in, and I can’t wait to see how Fuel the Female continues to evolve.”

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