Meyer Shank Racing’s Jack Harvey in the No.60 AutoNation Sirius XM Honda says that he would love to see the NTT IndyCar Series race in the UK in the future particularly at Brands Hatch. Speaking to Paddock Eye in the buildup to this weekend’s race at Mid-Ohio, Harvey said that Silverstone would be pretty cool too but doesn’t want to see what happened at Circuit of the Americas happen at Silverstone.

Harvey also said that it would pretty cool to see IndyCar back at Surfers Paradise in Australia. Harvey said:

‘m biased, mate. I’d love to see INDYCAR go to the UK. I thought Brands GP would be such a good track for INDYCAR because it’s long enough that it would fit INDYCARs — the style of the actual INDYCAR. I’d love to see them go to Silverstone. What I don’t want to do is go and replicate what we’ve seen in COTA there. The Formula 1 cars are so fast and those tracks really were designed to be geared around them. Anywhere in the UK I’d be pretty happy to see an INDYCAR car go around.

Maybe we can try and talk to Roger or someone to see if we can make that happen because I think right now motorsport is in such a positive place, and if anyone saw the numbers from even what we’re getting now from last weekend at Road America, there’s so much momentum behind INDYCAR right now. It feels like now is the time. I’m so happy to be part of the series in this moment because it just feels like it’s going to get ready to take off again.

Maybe that’s the time you get back — you get the opportunity to go back to Surfers Paradise maybe, which always I thought looked like such a great event.

I think if we had the opportunity to go somewhere, you want to go somewhere that has a cool racing history that they’re really going to embrace us when we get there. I feel like Australia would be a cool place, UK would be a cool place. Yeah.

Speaking to Paddock Eye about this weekend’s Honda Indy 200 at Mid Ohio presented by HPD Ridgeline this weekend, Jack Harvey commented saying:

Sure. I mean, we always want to get good results, you know, so no extra emphasis there apart from we want to learn what we have not been doing well, and we want to fix it.

I think, like I mentioned already, qualifying has been a real strong suit for us. I think we’ve been on the wrong end of a couple of calls, but in truth you’ve probably got 25 other drivers who are going to tell you the exact same thing in one way or another.

So going into Mid-Ohio it’s a track that we’ve been strong at before. We were good there last year. Our technical partnership with Andretti Autosport, they have also been strong there.

I mean, I don’t see any reason not to start the weekend on the front foot and just try and progress and get better and better throughout the weekend. Obviously with it being the summer break, it would be nice to go into that with a great result because everyone in the team is working so hard, and before the race Michael and Jim would be like, you deserve a great day, and I am like, guys, we all deserve a great day at this point.

I look at our season on the whole and think it’s got so much potential there. Like we’re really on pace and where we’ve been running this year, I feel like we could be — if things had gone a bit better we really could be top seven in points.

At the end of the day we have to do that, so as long as we’re learning from what hasn’t been great and we actually try and fix it and make it a strength, I think we’re going to be in great position, and I’m really hopeful that I keep learning and keep improving, the team do the same, and if we can just find that ingredient that pulls everything together, I think we’re going to be in really great form.

There’s different kinds of struggles, right; sometimes you struggle because you don’t have pace, sometimes you struggle because you’re not on the right side of some strategy calls. I’d rather be in the we have pace but we’re struggling in some other areas because that’s the hardest thing to find, and right now I think we have that.

It’s easy to lose it, we just have to keep digging away.

Speaking about the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix which takes place in August following the Olympic Games which will see Helio Castroneves return to the No.06 Honda having taken victory in the Indianapolis 500 last month, his first race with the team:

 I just like having Helio around, really. He has enthusiasm. He’s an incredibly nice guy. I don’t think there was one person at the Indy 500 who wasn’t happy to see him win. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

You know, one of the things that gets a bit of a challenge, for as great as it is having another car there, attention is all getting pulled a little bit away, but Andretti Autosport have five full-time guys if you include us in their stable, so there’s plenty of data to be looking at.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt. I just hope that as a team we have to be ready to put people in place to be able to deal and handle with all the extra work that comes along with that car, but I know we’re talking about Mid-Ohio, but if you look just forward to Nashville just for a moment, I think everyone is so incredibly excited for that race.

It would be great to have a great weekend this weekend and take that positive energy, momentum into hopefully a great Nashville because August and September are about as busy as what you can be, I think, in an INDYCAR season.

You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot, and hopefully we get the embers burning this weekend.

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