Former Formula One world champion and former BRDC President Damon has weighed in on the debate about female drivers competing in Formula One by controverially saying that he does not believe that a competive female driver will race in Formula One in his lifetime.

The 1996 world champion made his comments as he celebrated 20 years since his won the championship at the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena.

Hill’s views come as somewhat of a surpise due to the fact that at one point he was the president of the BRDC and in light of former Williams test driver Susie Wolff setting up her Dare To Be Different iniatative which aims to get more girls and women involved in motorsport at all levels.

Speaking to Itv Hill commented by saying:

I’m absolutely assured by my wife and my two daughters there is no reason in the world why a woman couldn’t beat a man but I do have my doubts…

Hill’s comments come in the wake of Formula One commerical rights holder Bernie Ecclestone saying last week that he believed that a female driver on the grid would not be taken seriously.

Hill responded to the comments made by Ecclestone by saying:

Bernie likes to say something which is controversial and he’s challenging you […] he likes to say something provocative and hopefully some people will say ok we’ll prove him wrong but it shouldn’t be done on the basis of that it should be on the basis of is there someone out there a girl who absolutely above everything else wants to become a Formula One world champion.

Hill’s comments are also at odds with his Sky Sports F1 colleague and former F1 rival Martin Brundle who took to Twitter to say that he hoped to commentate on a least one female driver racing in F1 before the end of his career.

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