Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports James Hinchcliffe in the No.5 Arrow Electronics Honda says he hopes the team can move up the field in qualifying for the IndyCar Classic at the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin Texas following a disappointing opening day.

Speaking following the day’s action he said, the Mayor of HinchTown said:

Today was a bit frustrating. Obviously, this morning, nobody really got any laps in (due to the red flag). This afternoon was kind of our only real practice session; and with the lap being so long, you only get a couple of laps even in an hour session. For us, we feel the track conditions have changed a ton from the test, which is too bad because we thought we had dialed the car pretty well for the conditions then. We definitely have some work to do. I think a lot of guys are struggling. It’s just the nature of this track when it gets hot like this with a bunch of rubber down, but we can certainly make it better. I don’t think we’re as bad as it might look. I made two pretty big mistakes on my red (Firestone alternate) tire lap, but we can definitely work on the car a little bit. I can work on my driving a bit, and hopefully, we can move the Arrow car up tomorrow.”

Marcus Ericsson in the No.7 Arrow Electronics Honda was left a little disappointing following practice one while he was happy he got plenty of laps under his belt.

Speaking following the action he said:

It’s been a challenging day. Obviously Practice 1 was a bit short with the red flag, so we didn’t get many laps. In Practice 2 we got plenty of laps, but we didn’t really get the Arrow car to where we wanted, so I’m struggling a bit when we do our qualifying sim runs to get a good feeling. When we put more fuel in the car and do longer running, we’re very competitive and I feel very good in the car. It’s a bit similar to how we were in St. Pete, as well, where we struggle a bit with the low fuel, and with high fuel, we’re stronger. We need to analyze and see how we can fix that, so the car has a similar feeling with high and low fuel because then we can be super competitive tomorrow and Sunday.”

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