Roger Hinze, one of the producers behind the new Rapid Response Film says he is looking forward to seeing what the reaction will be like for the film.

Speaking to Paddock Eye in Wednesday during a call Hinze said that he was surprised and happy to see that when the movie was shown to audiences during previews that the female audience were delighted with the film.

Hinze is part of the team who created the critically acclaimed documentary, Yellow, Yellow Yellow which features interviews with the likes of Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports James Hinchcliffe and Dr Terry Trammall.

Hinze said that when they looked into incorporating yellow yellow yellow into Rapid Response a number of years ago the film worked out at over four hours long and they also felt that it would taken away from Dr Stephen Olvey’s story which is the main reason behind Rapid Response as he tells his story of joining the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1966 for the Indianapolis 500 as a volunteer.

Hinze said that A Mile A Way Productions were awarded the the film rights in 2008 and that they began discussing the project in 2010.

Hinze who wasn’t a fan of motor racing growing up attended his first NTT IndyCar Series race in 2011 at Las Vegas so the circumstances weren’t good.

The producer said that for people who watch Rapid Response should not just expect crashes as they wanted to present the human stories behind Dr Olvey’s book and they wanted to get across how the accidents affect drivers families.

Hinze said that the drivers know that IndyCar is dangerous but that this is not why they got involved in the sport as there will always be an inherent element of danger in the sport.

Hinze also said that if you remove the ability to crash in motor racing then you no longer have motor racing.

Speaking about the events of Pocono Raceway last weekend Hinze said that he was extremely relieved that no one was injuried in the five car crash and that he feeling that laying the blame at Takuma Sato’s door was unfair.

I asked Roger if they are plans to make a similar racing documentary in the future and he said they are waiting to see how the release of Rapid Response goes.

Hinze also said that Pocono Raceway is a fantastic circuit and he would like to see it remain on the NTT IndyCar Series schedule as the series needs more ovals.

Rapid Response is in cinemas from September 6.

Video courtesy of Rapid Response movie on YouTube


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