Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner says he is looking forward to seeing the results of their aeroscreen on IndyCar’s in 2020.

It was announced on Friday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that IndyCar has entered into a partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to design, develop and implement the aeroscreen to the NTT IndyCar Series from 2020.

Speaking about the news, Horner said:

Since the first prototypes were developed and demonstrated in 2016, the potential of Aeroscreen to improve the safety for drivers in the event of frontal impacts in the cockpit area of cars has been clear.
“This new partnership with INDYCAR gives us at Red Bull Advanced Technologies the go-ahead to fully explore that potential, and to deliver a protection system that will help prevent serious injuries and potentially save lives in the US premier single-seater series. Over the coming months we’ll be working closely with INDYCAR and its drivers to refine and perfect Aeroscreen and we’re looking forward to seeing the results on the cars in 2020.”
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