The Black Motorsports Forum 2023, which is taking place at the Oval in London today, gives like-minded people in the industry to connect with each other—everything from technology-based companies to lawyers.

McLaren Applied, Wave, AWS, the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, Extreme E, Formula One, and The FIA World Rally Championship. Veloce Racing has three pillars, social media, real-world racing, and esports.

How can motorsport engage with local fanbases? Motorsports need to be more inclusive in social media content and interaction. Fans need to be allowed to get involved in Formula One and other forms of motorsports.

It is all about accessibility and giving fans a like-for-like experience and being able to enter the sport from a grassroots level. Drive To Survive for example, got fans involved in the sport even though they might sit down and watch a full Grand Prix or attend a race.

Drive To Survive has helped to activate a greater emerging market in the United States and how is this going to translate to other countries such as parts of Asia.

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