Formula One has increased its digital footprint since Liberty Media took over in 2017. It came from a position where they weren’t engaging with fans, and this required a complete digital rebuild from the ground up, starting with Formula One TV.

Every decision the sport makes is made knowingly through a platform and has helped them engage with fans through the F1 App and other areas such as social media.

There is evolution instead of revolution. Fans had high expectations, and within a year, the digital team had to make quick decisions to meet the business demands of the sport through their partnership with AWS.

James Bradshaw, head of Digital with Formula One, says that they used AWS transcribe closed captioning. In 2022, F1 TV launched F1 Live which gives the sport its own voice and gave a huge increase in the English language spoken, says Bradshaw. English, Spanish, and French are the main languages spoken through F1 commentary.

The digital platform made an accuracy score based on:

  • Drivers, teams, engineers, names
  • corner names
  • technical aspects

Drive To Survive has lifted the visor on the helmet.

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