The Hyundai Shell MOBIS World Rally Team have been fined €30,000 by the stewards at Rally Italia Sardegna after the car driven by event winner Dani Sordo failed scrutineering due to;

  • The weight of the rear subframe is not complying with the minimum weight as shown
    on the homologation form (rear subframe homologated weight is 9323g, with
    tolerance of +5%/-2%, minimum weight is 9136.5g). The weight of the part was
    9112 g.

a breach of article 10.3.3 of the 2020 FIA International Sporting Code.

The team have therefore been fined €30,000, (€20,000 of which has been suspended for 12 months subject to no further breach of a similar nature.

Dani Sordo keeps his victory as it was the team who have been found to be in breach of the regulations not the driver.

Stewards Decision No.12

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