Team Penske’s Will Power in the No.12 Verizon 5G Chevrolet says that he worked his ass off today to have his ECU overheat which lost him the race from the lead in Detroit race one. During the final red flag of the race when the series were dealing with Romain Grosjean’s crash, Will Power who was leading the race with five laps to go was asking IndyCar for a fan to cool the ECU on his car because it was overheating and the car would not fire up.

The Australian who led the most laps today was sent to the back of the line in order to get the car sorted and finished the race in 20th place three laps down.

Speaking to NBC immediately after the race, Power said:

“I’m mad at INDYCAR. Because, I’m the first car in and they wait until the last car to come to get a fan on that car and it roasted the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

“Just going red flag for starters. The guys up there in race control never listen to any drivers. They never listen; they don’t care. We’ve given them so many suggestions and they don’t care.

“I drove my butt off today, to have this to happen!

“I was screaming on the radio, ‘get a fan, get a fan.” (from Lee, it wasn’t for you, it war for the car?). Yeah, because the ECU always overheats. They wait for everyone. These guys (behind me) still had air coming in the car.

“You work your butt off in this sport. So much money goes into it and doesn’t and it has dumb things like that.

“If it’s not a yellow they throw, it’s some stupid idea like this – a red flag. Gah.”

The issue with this is, however, is that Romain Grosjean’s car was in a very unsafe area and as it is a street course IndyCar felt the best option was to red flag the race and restart it which was the best decision particularly given what happened to Felix Rosenqvist.


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