President of Roush Fenway Racing, Steve Newmark says he delighted to welcome Brad Keselowski to the team as part owner in a partnership that was announced on Tuesday.

Speaking following the announcement, Newmarket said:

I’m thrilled to confirm that Roush Fenway Racing and Brad Keselowski will be starting a partnership in 2022. This is an unbelievably unique arrangement for us and it’s something that solidifies and fortifies our future and guarantees that we’re gonna be at the top and trying to excel for decades to come, so the transaction essentially has three pieces. That’s why we kind of say it’s a little bit different than the normal arrangement we’ve entered into in the past, and the first is that Brad will be behind the wheel of the No. 6 car starting in 2022 and will pilot that vehicle for years to come. He will also be purchasing a minority ownership stake in the company, so along with Roush Industries and Jack and the Fenway Group – that triumvirate will lead us from a strategic perspective for years to come and then, very importantly, Brad will also be assuming a leadership mantle at our organization. Even while he’s driving he will be on the competition committee and then once his driving career runs its course, whenever that may be and whenever he decides that’s the time, he will shift over into an even greater role leading our competition side. From our perspective, this is our next step in the evolution of our team and we’re extremely confident this will allow us to excel for years to come. Before I pass it back, I really do want to express to Brad and Paige and the girls how excited the Roush Fenway family is to be bringing the whole Keselowski group into our team and we’re really excited to have an anchor for our organization for decades to come

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