Will San Marino return to Formula One and replace Monza as the host circuit of the Italian Grand Prix?

There is a big possibility for San Marino to get back on the Formula One calendar very soon as initial talks took place over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend between Imola circuit bosses and Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone.

The Monza circuit faces an uncertain future as the host of the Italian Grand Prix with negotiations ongoing between the circuit and Bernie Ecclestone regarding a contract extension however it has now emerged that Imola, the host of the San Grand Prix are keen to return to the Formula One calendar.

Imola hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1980 under the Italian Grand Prix and kicked out Monza from the calendar, only on that year. On 1981 The Italian Grand Prix was hosting both GPs until 2006.

The track has not hosted any Formula 1 events since 2006 yet, it has renovated its Paddock and pits revamping the FIA Grade 1 license which is required to host a Formula One Championship.

The anti-clockwise circuit equates to 4.933 kilometers, with a race distance of 62 laps. In 2006, the seven-time Formula 1 Champion, Michael Schumacher took pole position with a lap time of 1 minute 22.327 seconds. He also set a new lap record – 1m 22.491s – and managed to win the race for the seventh time.

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