The Verizon IndyCar Series is once again back on the road this week, following the double header at the weekend at the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit on Belle Isle, it’s on to Texas Motor Speedway for Saturday nights Firestone 600.

But how do the teams keep the show on the road? Well for one thing each team has a fleet of huge race transporters and it’s only when you see them in person do you realize how big they are. On the way back from the second race on Belle Isle on Sunday night we saw them leaving the circuit.

The huge trucks in convoy left Belle Isle at around 8pm on Sunday night most of which will head directly to Texas to set up for the Firestone 600 but some will detour to the .various team factories dotted around the country.

The teams spent the last month or even longer calling Indianapolis Motor Speedway home however even before the chequered flag greeted Alexander Rossi and the rest of the field another race had begun and what to turn the transporters around and head to Detroit. For the teams using I-69 and US 24 E it is  roughly a 290 mile drive and from Belle Isle to Texas Motor Speedway it is roughly 1,210 miles.

In the space of just three weeks that means that the Verizon IndyCar Series teams have each covered roughly 1300 miles or the equivalent of two and bit Indianapolis 500 mile races.

Now for those of you are may be new to IndyCar or motorsport the ‘Truckie’ as they are commonly referred to don’t just drive and park the transporter each race weekend they unload the cars and set up the pit-stalls with many of them servicing the cars on pit-road during the races.

These guys and girls don’t get nearly enough recognition for the work that they do because without them we would have no IndyCar as they are the ones making sure that the roadshow stays on track.

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