A Verizon IndyCar Series machine is powered by either a 2.2 twin turbocharged V6 Chevrolet or Honda engine.

The top speed of a Verizon IndyCar Series car has an approximate top speed of 235mph. The car has a horse power of between 550 – 700 depending on the turbo boost. The gearbox in a IndyCar is an assisted paddle shift six speed box plus one reverse gear.

The Verizon IndyCar Series uses Sunoco E85R (85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline).

The series uses Firestone Firehawk un-grooved racing tyres and grooved wet weather tyres for Road and streets courses. The wheelbase of the Firestone tyre is 117.5 – 121.5 inches. A Verizon IndyCar weighs approximately 1,610 pounds road/street/short oval configurations and 1,580 pounds on speedways without fuel.

An IndyCar is approximately 40 inches in height.

The width of the car is 78.5 inches and 77.5 inches minimum with the floor measuring 79 inches.

Formula One car is powered by a 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged power unit. The top speed of a Formula One car is approximately 200mph.

An F1 car produces around 760 horsepower (600 from the power unit and 160 from the Energy Recovery System).

A gearbox of a Formula One car is semi automatic with eight forward gears and a reserve gear.  The sport uses unleaded racing fuel. Pirelli are the official supplier of un-grooved (slick) and grooved wet tyres.

The minimum weight of a Formula One car is 1,547.65 pounds (702 KG) including driver and fuel.

A Formula One car is 37.40 inches in height and has a width of 70.866 inches.

A Verizon IndyCar chassis and a Formula One car produce so much down-force that it is possible to drive both cars upside down on a ceiling.

Jenson Button on track.

Jenson Button on track.

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