The Verizon IndyCar Series could be on the verge of making a return to Australia as early as next year with reports from the Gold Coast Bulletin suggesting that negotiations are underway between a consortium and the Tourism And Events Queensland organisation that would see a race held on the Gold Coast.

A Verizon IndyCar Series race took place in Surfers Paradise between 1991 and 2008 and according a spokesperson for the unnamed consortium:

All our concern at the moment is on securing the approval through government to hold the event with IndyCars as the major attraction — 2017 is a possibility, 2018 is more than possible,

The Verizon IndyCar Series refused to comment on the speculation regarding a race in Australia however the sport is believed to be in discussions with other countries regarding possible race events with Brazil being mentioned as a potential destination.

Mark Miles president of the Verizon IndyCar Series parent company Hulman and Company who also run the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wants to take the series abroad however Roger Penske said earlier this year that he was not keen on going abroad with the series but instead wanted to make the most of and build on what the sport has established in the US.

Speaking to Paddock Eye earlier this season when asked about the possibility of racing in Europe with IndyCar Schmidt Peterson Motorsports James Hinchcliffe commented by saying:

For me, I think it’s a great idea, I mean first of all its adding races to my year which is obviously a big plus, I know there’s a big fan base in Europe, I think the races that CART and Champ Car did over there in years past were always incredibly successful and I think it’s important for us to think of ourselves as more than just a North American championship because of the diversity we have you know especially in the driver line up. Not having races anymore in Brazil or Japan we are really limited to how we’ve been in the past so getting back to Europe I think would be great. I

hope it is something we can do not just once and not just as a non-championship race, I would love to see races over there as part of the championship. In terms of what track? I mean there are so many over there, it’s tough to pick one, the odds are we’re not going to be able to secure Formula One circuits just because that’s the way Bernie likes to run his show you know and that’s fine, but there are plenty of other race tracks around Europe that would be very suitable for IndyCar and I think put on a great show.


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