IndyCar announced on Monday the formation of IndyCar Media who will look after all of the international media rights from the 2019 season onwards.

IndyCar Media will secure media distribution for over 100 countries broadcasting IndyCar races.

The series is currently expanding its fan base outside of the US and speaking about the expansion president of Hulman and Company, which owns IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mark Miles said:

“The IndyCar Series is experiencing a resurgence outside the U.S., “For that reason, now is a particularly good time to do this. Controlling video content and media rights are essential to growth.”

Miles went on to say:

“In the highest-priority countries, we will work more closely with our broadcast partners to define market-specific opportunities, and we will grow our international audiences by focusing on these specific needs. “We can enhance the amount of video content by creating new clips or drawing from our extensive archives.”

IndyCar have also appointed media rights veteran Heather White to oversee the licensing for IndyCar Media.

Stephen Starks, IndyCar VP of Promoter and Media Partner Relations said:

We will define our most important global markets based on several factors, including the ability to support places where the INDYCAR following is already strong, by targeting nations represented among our diverse driver lineup, through focusing on countries where broadcasters are best at growing our audience, and by looking at where we might want to race in the future, to name a few. “Because we have a baseline of where our content is in high demand, we have a clear direction.”

Speaking about Heather White’s involvement in IndyCar, Mark Miles said:

Heather knows us, she knows our product, she knows our current customers, and she knows other broadcasters all over the world. “She will work as a representative of INDYCAR Media from London and will be totally focused on the licensing aspects.”

Miles also spoke about ESPN International:

INDYCAR appreciates its substantial contributions to the sport.”

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