The Verizon IndyCar Series is the premier category of open wheel racing in the North America. A car can reach speeds of 235mph.

So what does a Verizon IndyCar Series cock-pit look like and what do the buttons on the steering wheel do? Well just like in Formula One a Verizon IndyCar Series driver can control multiple functions to do with the car by pushing a button on the steering wheel.

One of the most important tools in the cockpit is the Dash which gives drivers real-time information about the temperatures of the gearbox, water and oil pressure as well as lap time deltas. It also allows drivers to see how they doing in relation to their fuel mileage over the course of a race.

RPM LED light system which shows the driver when they need to shift up or down a gear. The lighting system is red, green and yellow with the green light telling the driver when they should change gear.

A Verizon IndyCar Series machine has a semi automatic gearbox which the driver controls from the steering wheel with padals both left and and right for shifting up and down.

The steering wheel also features a pit-lane limiter which the driver must engage as they travel down pit-road this regulates the speed in the pit-lane. This speed is usually 60 mph however in Toronto last time out due to the new pit-lane entry the speed was 50 mph.

The driver has a Push To Talk button on the steering which activates the microphone that allows the driver to communicate with his/her crew during a race.

There is a reset button that the driver pushes during a pit-stop to reset the fuel reading on the display. Fuel mapping, this allows the driver to adjust the fuel mapping of the engine to increase fuel mileage or increase power.

Dash scroll allows the driver to switch between screens on the display. The weight jacker adjusts the cross weight on the car from left to right or right to left depending on what button is pushed. The drink button engages the drivers drink bottle allowing them to stay hydrated over the course of a race.

Push To Pass – This button releases extra horse power through a turbo boost which the driver can use for a predetermined time period over the course of a lap. Each driver has six push to pass uses over the course of a race.

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