Extreme E, the all-new, all-electric off-road SUV racing series which has its first-ever X Prix this weekend in Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that Interproteccion, Mexico’s number one Mexican Insurance Broker has been named official broker and supplier to the new series.

Speaking about the news, Extreme E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag said:

It’s great news to welcome on board INTERprotección as Official Insurance Broker of Extreme E. Both companies are driven by a desire to change the game and share the same core values to innovate. Through our efforts with Extreme E, we’re pioneering a new category of sustainable motorsport, while the work that INTERprotección is doing is disrupting the insurance market in the LATAM region. I look forward to working closely with INTERprotección during our inaugural season.

Juan Ignacio Casanueva, Chairman of the Board of INTERprotección, said:

“Our distinct and disruptive view of insurance has distinguished INTERprotección for over 40 years, making us the leading broker company in Mexico. And our time requires more than ever to create new ways of contributing to build a safer and happier world. That’s why we are incredibly happy and honoured to be partnering with Extreme E, raising awareness about solutions to climate change problems and hopefully inspiring others to challenge themselves and to dare to see things differently and to help

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