The NTT INDYCAR SERIES announced on Tuesday that they, along with IMS Productions have teamed up with IRIS Audio Technologies to utilise their IRIS clarity to provide broadcast audio.

NTT INDYCAR SERIES, which consists of 17 races across the United States and in Canada, is broadcast to millions of viewers globally. With IRIS Clarity, IMS Productions, which produces INDYCAR broadcasts, now provide crystal-clear radio transmissions, placing viewers right at the heart of the race action whether they are watching live on TV, using the INDYCAR App powered by NTT DATA or following the action across INDYCAR’s social media channels.

Trained on tens of thousands of hours of noise and human voice, IRIS Clarity’s AI-powered software can identify and isolate the voice and remove all noise in real time from all forms of digital communication. To achieve this with INDYCAR, IRIS Audio’s United Kingdom-headquartered team had to overcome multiple technology challenges, including individual race car setups, and catering to the wide variety of racetracks on the INDYCAR schedule, from high-speed ovals to complex street courses, which impact signal strength and audio quality depending on transmitter positioning.

The solution comes in the form of a custom IRIS Clarity plug-in for Dante, a computer network created by Audinate and used by IMS Productions that transmits audio with utmost fidelity.

A significant upside to this implementation is that IRIS Clarity now works on all Dante-supported applications, including arenas and stadiums, recording studios, conference centers, theaters and more.

Jacobi Anstruther, CEO and Founder of IRIS Audio said:

“We continue to be motivated by bringing our innovative technologies to the forefront of human performance. INDYCAR is the perfect arena to showcase and challenge our engineers. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how clarity in mission-critical communications is not only vital for success and performance but also instrumental to experiencing the action in real-time.”

The partnership with INDYCAR follows IRIS Audio’s earlier audio partnerships with more integrations of IRIS Clarity to follow across a range of sporting and other use cases where mission-critical communications are essential to performance.

Kevin Sublette, IMS Productions President, said:

“We are focused on getting viewers closer to the action, and there is nothing like listening in to the driver and pit crew audio to understand how a race is unfolding. With IRIS Clarity, we are able to do just that by removing the background noise and getting clearer audio from the drivers and race teams. We have been working to perfect the implementation since the start of this season and gave our partnership the green light after a successful weekend at the recent Indy 500.”

Rob Reng, CTO and Co-Founder of IRIS Audio said:

“This was an extremely fun and challenging project to bring IRIS real-time voice isolation to an exciting and high-performance use case. IRIS technology paired with Dante audio transmission allows us to bring the audience right into the excitement of each race by clearly transmitting driver communications, letting them hear every important moment with Clarity. It’s a fantastic showcase of how portable our SDK is, and how dozens of concurrent channels can be processed with AI technology on a single computer — something that simply wasn’t possible before IRIS

The NTT INDYCAR SERIES is in Nashville this weekend for round 13 of the 2023 season.

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