Carlin Racing’s Max Chilton, driver of the No.59 Gallagher Chevrolet says he can see the benefits of being a single car team in the NTT IndyCar Series.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during Media Content Day on Friday, Chilton said that it is great for him being a one car team as the engineers can put everything into his car.

Chilton will compete in all road and street course events in 2021 alongside the Indianapolis 500 on May.

Chilton said that being a one car team is advantageous as in engineering meetings it is just one driver and the crew which makes it easy to work through any on track or technical issues the team may face during the season. Chilton said:

I like your positive question. I never, ever get asked that. And yes, there are plenty of benefits by having a single-car team that some people aren’t aware of.

You can very much — the benefits of multiple-car teams or multiple cars is obviously you can file through some issues and go, Yep, that’s the direction, let’s go down there, and you’ve also got driver data overlays. So they’re the benefits.

The downside is every time you add a car to a team they become less efficient. People’s minds are split between two, three, four, five. When it starts just getting dangerous is where you can’t focus on what needs to be done.

So with a single-car team, the setup is purely focused on what I want. And at the end of the day the best setup, even if it’s the worst setup, is what I want. If I’m happy with it, that’s when the driver will be the quickest. Everything is focused around myself, which is a benefit. Everything is super efficient.

Yes, you have to have technically more people employed than you would need to for two because you can’t just split everything. That bit isn’t perfect. But whenever there’s a problem, it gets resolved I think really, really quick.

There’s also other ways between engine manufacturers that you can look at data. So I’ve got data. It’s not like I’m not looking at anyone else’s data, so that helps. I’ve been a single car before, and it kind of works for me.

I know there’s people on the grid that think it has its downsides, and for sure I know it has its downsides. But does it mean you can’t do well? I disagree. I think you can definitely get some good results being a single-car team, especially with a team like Carlin that have great engineering behind it and they know how to extract the most out of the driver.

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