Dr Stephen Olvey who served as CART medical director from 1978 to 2003 and remains involved in the NTT IndyCar Series along with Dr Terry Trammell says that motorsport in general need to get rid of Armco barriers.

Speaking to Paddock Eye on Wednesday, Dr Olvey said that the time has come for armco barriers should be replaced at circuits around the world so as not to have a repeat of the accident suffered by Dale Coyne with RWR’s Romain Grosjean who suffered serious burns to his hands in an accident at the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix last year.

The NTT IndyCar Series pioneered the SAFER barrier technology which has been introduced around most modern racing circuits around the world having been introduced by IndyCar back in 2002. (Steel and Foam Energy Reduction) which is used in IndyCar, Formula One and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Olvey said that the sport have been looking into ways of making the sport safer for the fans and have been working with the NHL regarding the the perspex shields that are around the hockey rink.

Olvey said that the sport need to get away from a situation where a car may hit the catch fencing again such as the fatal accident that killed Dan Wheildon in Las Vegas in 2011 and that is why the sport are looking at different options that make watching racing at the track safer for the fans without taking anything away from the spectacle and excitement offered by the sport.

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