Conor Daly in the No.60 Carrie’s Country Meyer Shank Racing Honda says he was happy to be able to battle Helio Castroneves across the line in the second Iowa race.

Taking to Twitter following the race, Daly commented saying:

Daly went on to say:

“We struggled a little in the middle of the first stint and that kind of put us back. Towards the end we were super fast. We passed guys that were running in the top 10. We just lost a bit too much ground in the beginning and we had to tune the car. Every stop we made the car get better and by the end of the race – just like yesterday – it kept getting better and better. It’s nice to feel as you go, you are making moves. We were never on the defensive, we were always moving forward. With a day where there weren’t a lot of DNFs and a lot of really fast cars running around, we were right in the fight and finished right with our teammate.”

Helio Castroneves finished just ahead of Daly in 16th and speaking following the race he commented:

“Tough day, both days. But there wasn’t really much we could do. The car just couldn’t hold the rear tires very well. We tried to make some changes to improve on the entry. But the apex to entry just wasn’t good. Traffic was very difficult for me. To be honest this second race was more about survival then yesterday’s race. I know we can do better, but this is not going to knock us down. We’ll look at areas to improve for the next race.”


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