Chip Ganassi Racing’s Kevin Magnussen says that the Dpi Prototype he has moved to from Formula One is a different animal compared to what he has been used to in Formula One.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during a conference the Dane said that with a Formula One car it is very much a case of getting it in the window aerodynamically whereas with the Cadillac Dpi they are working more on the mechanical set up of the car. Magnussen while it is not new to him with all of his time racing in Formula One the endurance racing side of things have been forgotten a little bit.

Magnussen says it has been interesting and that he has had a lot to learn and that of course driving the car is a lot different to what he has been used to in the past as it’s a sports car versus a single seater and that the Dpi car is a lot heavier and they behave in a completely different way and the Dpi car is really fun to drive.

The Dane concluded by saying it is certainly very different and he is learning a lot about it.


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