AJ Foyt Racing’s Tony Kanaan returns to the race track this weekend as the NTT IndyCar Series heads to Iowa Speedway for their second doubleheader race in a week with the opening Iowa 250 taking place on Friday and the second race on Saturday.

Kanaan who won here in 2010 is currently participating in his Last Lap competing in the oval events this season.

The Brazilian will be back in his familiar No.14 ABC Supply Chevrolet this weekend and speaking about the Iowa oval Kanaan said:

Iowa has always been a good track for me so I’m pretty excited about it. At Texas we started off with a pretty good result so I’m looking forward to it especially being a doubleheader so hopefully we’ll have a better result than Texas which was already good.”

Speaking to AJ Foyt Racing about what he likes about the Iowa track TK said:

It’s a short oval, it’s really my style, you have to be aggressive, you have to really drive the car there and I think that suits my style quite a bit. It’s where the driver will make a difference sometimes. On some of the ovals, when you have a good car, it’s really easy to drive the track. At Iowa, you’ve got say, well, I’ve got to risk a little bit more here or a bit more there and it makes a big difference. Knowing where you are going, how to approach the tight corners, it is such a short oval that you have you understand the track. Some guys have a better understanding than others.”

Speaking about how tricky the short track oval is Kanaan said

Yes, one hundred percent. There is a particular way of driving that obviously I’m not going to get into the details but it makes a big difference.

AJ Foyt Racing asked Kanaan about the difficulties of racing a double header to which he said:

It will be really tough. That’s why I train so much.

I‘m looking forward to that. I like tough. Both. This one we’re gonna have both. Detroit when it was a doubleheader, it was more physically tough. Now at Iowa we’re getting both. Which we thought it couldn’t get worse, well we got it.”

There is a limited practice ahead of the race meaning getting the setup right will be key for the race and speaking about this the Brazilian says:

It’s going to be difficult, it will be a challenge for all of us. It’s a different car. When I got to Texas I actually got caught by surprise. I said Whoa, this is not the car I’ve been driving for a long time. Obviously, it didn’t help that I was out of the car for eight months. But it’s going to take a little bit of time to adjust which with the current situation, we don’t have.

Kanaan spoke of his expectations for the weekend:

My expectations are extremely high. When we made the changes that we made this year in the team, I’m expecting us to be in the top-10. We had a car to finish in the top-10 and maybe in the top-five in Texas. That’s where we need to be. Once you put yourself in that position, then the win might come because you never know what could happen in the front. To be able to win, you’ve got to put yourself there first. And I think now we are on the ovals. Realistically, it’s a top-10 and if we have a really good day, it will be a top five. Expectation is one thing, now we have to make it happen.”

Charlie Kimball in the No.4 Tresiba Chevrolet goes into this weekend’s action in Iowa off the back of a tenth place and speaking to AJ Foyt Racing about the the short track oval this weekend the Californian said:

Short track racing especially under the lights both Friday and Saturday nights is a place where INDYCAR shines. I’m excited to get there with the No. 4 Tresiba Chevrolet team; we’ve made progress all year long. Every single race we’ve seemed to have gone forward. We were strong on the oval at Texas and I‘m looking forward to continuing to work forward from where we finished at Texas and do better.”

This weekend Tony Kanaan returns to the team and speaking about the Brazilian being back and the setup of the car Kimball said:

Texas showed that the oval car has a really solid foundation and we’ll continue to make it better. I think we learned some things in Texas with both the 4 and 14, and it’ll be nice to have Tony back in the engineering office, back in the drivers’ lounge as a teammate again. He brings a lot of color to the race truck, a lot of character and a lot of experience. I’ve maybe not gotten the results at Iowa as I have at other tracks, so I look forward to learning and improving based on his experience.”

Speaking about the challenges of Iowa Speedway Kimball said:

Physically and mentally, Iowa’s really tough. It’s bumpy, it’s probably going to be hot; the aeroscreen means we don’t get as much cooling in the cockpit. The fact that it is still a 250-lap race Friday night and then another 250-lap race Saturday night is going to be really challenging. The way the track has worn over the years, the lanes and how you race evolves throughout the course of the race throughout the night. Trying to keep up with the track as a driver is one of the added challenges as you get more and more fatigued.”

Speaking about the progress AJ Foyt Racing have made, Kimball said:

Personally, I think we’ve got a really good relationship and foundation within the team. The engineering office is really working well together, the drivers are working well with the engineers, whether it’s Tony or Dalton. At COTA, it was Sebastien doing a great job and at Sebring. As we’ve gone into these first four races, that dialog and relationship has only improved and in big chunks. I think that’s shown as we continue to make progress with the car each weekend. We had a good car at Texas and had a good race there. We got served some humble pie at the Indy Grand Prix. We continue to make the car better, nearly getting a top-10 in the first race at Road America and then getting that top-10 in the second race there.”


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