Extreme E, the all-electric off-road racing series which will make its debut in Saudi Arabia in less than a month have announced that Jutta Klienschmidt has been named Extreme E advisor and championship driver for the inaugural season which gets underway on April 3/4.

The German became the first female driver to win the prestigious Dakar Rally in 2001 and speaking about the news she said:

Simply put, it’s absolutely amazing to be part of the Extreme E family as an adviser and ‘Championship Driver.’ It’s an incredibly exciting role that will require all of my experience.

“I’m also going to really enjoy supporting the sporting team on a range of things. Environmentally friendly new technologies are the future of motorsport so I can’t wait to join this innovative and revolutionary new Electric Off-Road series, which also provides an important equal gender racing format to showcase the best in female driver talent.

“It is a great opportunity for women to team up with men, compete together on the same material. Extreme E combines future motorsport technology with gender equality. Nothing comparable exists in motorsport up to now.

Klienschmidt will be on hand if any of the female drivers are unable to attend the races during the season due to the remote locations of the events and speaking about the announcement, Extreme E Chief Championship Officer James Taylor said:

We’re all absolutely thrilled to have Jutta [Kleinschmidt] and Timo [Scheider] on-board. We have a huge amount of respect for both of them and what they have achieved in motorsport.

“Jutta really needs no introduction as the only female driver to ever win the Dakar Rally – she is a legend in off-road racing and is a passionate supporter of the move to new and innovative technologies, which makes her the perfect person to take on this role.

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