NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson completed his Indianapolis 500 ROP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday.

9Driving the No.6 HendrickCars Arrow McLaren Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, Larson completed 72 laps to pass his ROP.

Larson who will be back in the car for the open test at IMS in April said:

It was fun. “It was mostly what I anticipated, in a way. The speed and the gripdidn’t feel, thankfully, scarier than what I thought it might.“Just how much the car wants to pull left and you have to kind of fight it back to the right on thestraightaways and all that was something I didn’t expect. The weight of the wheel was a lotlighter than the simulator, but it was still a little heavier than what I expected. Other than that, Ithink it went really smooth.

NASCAR Cup Series legend Jeff Gordon, now Vice President of Hendrick Motorsports commented saying:

I’m certainly going to live vicariously through Kyle a bit through this experience and see howexcited he is about it, and he clearly is.

Arrow McLaren Sporting Director Tony Kanaan commented saying:

“It was seamless. We did what we were supposed to do today. Let’s come backhere in April and get on.’

Larson concluded saying:

It’s going to be really exciting next year when April and May come around because it’s going tobe real then, race time, getting ready to race. “This is such a huge race for myselfand my family, so I’m just glad I get to do it.

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