The Las Vegas Grand Prix and Formula One have been sued as two Las Vegas law firms have instigated a class action law suit on behalf of 35,000 fans.

The action relates to the cancellation of practice on Thursday night at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Dimopoulos Law Firm and co-counsel JK Legal and Consulting are representing fans. In a statement to Reuters on Saturday, Steve Dimopoulos of Dimopoulos Law Firm said:

There are a number of issues with that (compensation). “Clearly that ($200 merchandise voucher) is not a refund that is sufficient.

“A lot of fans probably don’t even want that, they want their money back.

“There are also peripheral issues of what about the people that came in from out of town and paid for substantial air fare and hotels.

The $200 merchandise voucher offer is an insult to the fans who were asked to leave the track is an insult to them.

Paddock Eye understands that the Las Vegas Grand Prix Scuderia Ferrari Team hoodie is on sale at the track for no less than $328 while a Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team sweatshirt is on sale for $210 redbering the voucher worthless.

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