Mark Miles, CEO of the Verizon IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway parent company Hulman and Company says that the 2017 schedule provides stability for the series.

Miles has confirmed that all of the venues on next seasons calendar have multi year contracts and that he expects more circuits to be added for the 2018 season. Speaking about 2017, Miles commented by saying:

I think it’s fair to say that all of the existing races have contracts for more than 2017, so I expect they’ll be back not just for ’17 but in the future, as well.

Miles was asked about the benefit of announcing the new schedule early to which he stated:

Well, we thought it was important. You know, if you’re committed to making the foundation of a current year the bulk of the schedule the next year, then we didn’t see any reason we couldn’t do it, and I think it’s important from the point of view of the next step, which is careful tailoring, crafting of the television schedule. But also for the tracks; here happily we are in August, and we’re announcing a schedule, and they have a year to prepare.

I think every promoter would relish, as we have in Indianapolis frankly, the opportunity to be selling next year’s tickets at this year’s race. In order to do that, we’ve just got to get ahead of the game.

So for the promoters, I think for fans who will travel, for our broadcasters, for our teams as they prepare, this plus for them the test schedule that will come out before long, the sooner the better, and we’re delighted.

We kind of put the stake in the ground that we’d get this out in August, and I think we’re still in August, so we’re delighted to have met the goal.

Miles also confirmed that the race at Gateway Motorsports Park will be a night time race however when asked about Iowa he said that for 2017 at least the race will be in the day time due to the summer heat in Iowa.

Let me take them in reverse order. I do think you can assume Gateway is going to be under the lights, and people here are excited about that. They know IndyCar sparkles, looks great, and might take a little bit of the edge off the summer climate in the Midwest.

For Iowa I think next year that is less likely because it looks like a Sunday, and Sunday night is tough, and I think that’s probably us trying to do the best job we can at balancing the interests of the fan who travels and the fan who wants to be at the track with the even larger number of fans that want to tune in if it’s broadcast at a time that works for them.

Yeah, so yes and no. These will be these two races for next year.


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