Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing co-owner Bobby Rahal says that Honda Indy Toronto race winner Christian Lundgaard goes from strength to strength.

Following the action, Rahal said that he has been extremely happy with Christian, Graham, and Jack’s work in the engineering meetings during the Honda Indy Toronto weekend. Following the race, Rahal said that in Detroit, the team was just not good at all, and that is when they made the internal changes.

It has been hell over the last six weeks. I feel so sorry for Jack, who can’t catch a break, Rahal said following the race. Rahal said that he is proud of the working relationships within the team, and the response of the last few weeks has been due to their commitment to the team.

Regarding Iowa, Rahal said they can do their best and see how they get on. Rahal said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and getting the same result and says in recent weeks, there has been a different atmosphere but that letting people go has not been fun but that the team has an obligation to their sponsors.

Rahal also said that they can’t take things for granted. Detroit was worse for Rahal than the Indianapolis 500, and Rahal confirmed that the team did indeed let some personnel go following the Indianapolis 500 in May.

Rahal said that he is 70 years old and that May took a big toll on him and he wasn’t sleeping; it was bad; he thought his health was taking a toll, it knocked him back. I am not here to just show up I am here to win, it haunted me and pained me. Rahal confirmed that the team is working on the Indy recovery program.

‘May was hell for me’. I don’t take any confidence from this win you have to be in the top six with a legitimate chance. Rahal revealed that he had open heart surgery last june.


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