M-Sport announced on Thursday that they have been selected as the official rally car of the FIA Rally Star initiative which will be spearheaded by M Sport Poland to help find rally stars of the future.

Speaking about the news, M Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson OBE commented saying:

Developing young drivers with a clear and concise route from grass-root to top-level rallying has always been at the core of our business, and the FIA Rally Star is perfectly aligned with that goal. We pride ourselves on supporting young drivers and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of finding the sport’s future stars. There’s never been anything quite like the Rally Star programme, in its scale and ambition, and I’m looking forward to working with the FIA as we search for the next generation of FIA World Rally Champions.

Maciej Wooda, M-Sport Poland Directo commented on the news saying:

We have been very interested in the FIA Rally Star programme for quite a while now. It is a fantastic initiative that the FIA should be very proud of andreally resonates with M-Sport’s fundamental values. Our ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ mirrors the FIA Rally Car Pyramid now and we are the only manufacturer to have a car available on every tier. The preparation year that selected FIA Rally Star drivers will embark upon will need to be accessible. We could have a driver that has never set foot in a rally car before. We are perfectly placed for this, our range starts with the entry-level Fiesta Rally5 which is great for somebody learning the basics of rallying and finishes with the WRC-level Fiesta Rally1.”


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