The M-Sport WRC Team announced on Friday that they have extended their successful partnership with OZ Racing a continuation of their long-standing partnership which began in 1997.

Benefitting from OZ Racing’s signature strength, reliability and proven performance, the continuation ensures M-Sport’s commitment to delivering the highest-quality products to Fiesta drivers around the world. Speaking about the announcement, M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson OBE commented saying:

Since we first made our mark on the FIA World Rally Championship, we’ve enjoyed a long and successful relationship with OZ Racing. Ours is one of the longest and most successful partnerships in rallying, and I’m delighted to see the collaboration continue for another year.

“We’ve always been committed to supplying the best quality products, and the renewal of our relationship with OZ Racing allows this to continue – M-Sport drivers across all levels of competition, as well as on the road, all benefitting from their strength, reliability and proven performance.”

M-Sport Ford WRC Team Principal Richard Millener commented saying:

It’s great to see the continuation of our partnership with OZ Racing. Our designers and engineers are constantly assessing every element of our cars to ensure we’re offering the best in terms of speed, strength, reliability and affordability; and choose OZ Racing every time. Not only do we use their high-performance wheels to excel at the highest level of competition, but throughout all levels of rallying and on the road as well.

O.Z. Spa CEO, Claudio Bernoni, said:

“We are delighted to continue this long-standing partnership also in 2021, and to be able to give our contribution to the team and M-Sport in general to achieve both sporting and business success. This partnership plays an important role for OZ, as it is a typical example of how the company manages to innovate for racing and to transfer this know-how also to road cars. Our cooperation with M-Sport goes exactly in this direction, to create high-performance products while making them accessible to those that decide to buy a bespoke MS-RT vehicle.”

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