Poppa Mann says that wants to return to the Indianapolis 500 but only if the right opportunity presents itself.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening following the triple header at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mann said:

persistent question. Are you coming back?

The answer is complicated. I would LOVE to run the #Indy500 again, but if I get to do it again, I want to have a shot at doing it properly.

I’ve hustled so hard to make programs work there literally hasn’t been time to eat on many days at the track, and I’ve survived entire months of May on 5-6 hour sleep a night because otherwise I don’t have enough hours in the day…

I’ve never gotten to do those extra test days to kick off the month of May. Aside from my very first one, where I did a #RookieTest at Texas, I’ve never gotten to test period before showing up at the big track for the big show.

We’ve done things with a skeleton crew, with no crash damage budget, and when the suite catering bill has come in at the end of the month, there are occasions I’ve sat and cried because I have no idea how I’m going to be able to pay it.

Talking of which, aside from a generous gesture from @larryfoyt14 in 2019, I’ve left the race every year in personal debt. I’m unable to work while I’m competing, and there’s never ever been even close to enough sponsorship money to pay me. But yet there’s still all the same expenses, and even if you think you’ve budgeted enough, something always slips through the net. I’ve spend most of the rest of the year trying to get out of the red.

In 2019 I was incredibly lucky. I worked incredibly hard, but at @clausonmarshall we put together a crew who cared as much as I did, and who worked as hard as I did. Together we made it work, we maximized what we had. To this day I’m so proud of what we achieved together in 2019. But the personal toll that year took on me to make it happen is something I rarely ever share…

So yes, I want to come back, I want to come back BADLY. But only if the opportunity is right.

I want my shot to do it properly.

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