Former Formula One driver Nigel Mansell says he has fond memories of his time driving for Ferrari.

The 1992 world champion joined Ferrari from Williams ahead of the 1989 season, spending two seasons with the Prancing Horse. Speaking on the main stage at the 2018 Autosport International on Sunday morning, Mansell spoke about his time at Ferrari and being the last driver to have been signed by Enzo Ferrari.

Mansell said it was a magnificent occasion speaking with Enzo Ferrari. Mansell won his first race with Ferrari in Brazil in 1989 and was delighted to have won his first race with his new team.

Mansell spoke about when his first son was born, how he borrowed a Ferrari Testarossa to go and buy a teddy bear for his son and he flew down the road to be greeted by a military road block.

The soldiers had sub-machine guns and looked at him and gave him the wave through.  Mansell went on to say that he was embarrassed as no one would let him pay for the teddy bear for his son.

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