Williams driver Felipe Massa admits the team has to make a big step forward to overcome their competitors Mercedes and Ferrari in 2016. The British Formula One team signed a long term contract with Mercedes to supply engines starting in 2014. Massa and his teammate Valtteri Bottas led the Grove based outfit to third in the constructors’ championship in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The Brazilian believes he can win a race in 2016 as the team has been working on the car with quite interesting developments around the front-wing areas and underneath the chassis as well as some development around the back end of the car, the guys in the wind tunnel have done a stellar job, the team’s head of performance engineering Rob Smedley has told to Sky Sports

Massa is proud of the progress and the changes that the team has made since he joined in 2014. He said at the Autosport International show,

Both seasons were really, really good, but we want more. We know that to fight with these teams in front, Mercedes and Ferrari, you need to do amazing improvements from one year to the other. That’s the way it is. Especially when you look at those teams, they have a lot more opportunities, a lot more money, a lot more budget to put in the car, which we know makes an effect at the end. The work that everybody put together I feel really that I was inside this improvement, and I feel really proud. I could feel that I was important as well for this improvement, the job we all made together,” Massa added.

Williams are set to launch their 2016 car in the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona pit lane ahead of the opening day of testing at the track on February 22.

Article By Oprah Sagal

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