Felipe Massa is at it again. The Brazilian criticized IndyCar with its role in making motorsport safer by saying the series hasn’t done much to improve safety, now he has responded to a tweet from a legend of the series.

Four time series champion Dario Franchitti responded to the Brazilian on Twitter saying:

I disagree @MassaFelipe19 ,@IndyCar has worked very hard and continues to do so. That being said all series need to keep pushing to make racing safer. https://t.co/iPqooInBiY

On Monday, Massa responded saying:

Brother sorry to say , but the work need to be harder from @IndyCar on safety improvements. If you see how many drivers got hurt in the last years …very little changes have been done to improve. i hope things improve in the right way for the safety of the drivers … take care https://t.co/pOyaoNblwA

Nassa needs to think before he speaks!

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