It has been a busy start to the week at the McLaren HQ, first came the news that Lando Norris will be the team’s test and reserve driver from the 2018 Formula One season. The McLaren Technology Group announced that they have extended their technical and business partnership with SAP

SAP provide McLaren with a host of products to help the Woke based outfit with finding solutions efficiently and in a timely manner.

SAP also work closely with McLaren’s HR department and their 3,000 plus workforce. Speaking about the extension of their partnership which began in 1997, Bjorn Ganzhorn, Head of SAP Global Sponsorships commented by saying:

We’re thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with McLaren. Through this partnership, we’re able to demonstrate how SAP technology supports a seamless digital business, while enabling their global operations to sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict to create value in the moment.

“McLaren’s ongoing need for speed and agility to run its business operations in real-time is only growing, and we continue to evolve with them each step of the way.

McLaren Technology Group Executive Director, Zak Brown commented by saying:

We use SAP solutions throughout every area of our business. And having access to a business-wide platform provides us with real, rapid and seamless insights.

“SAP HANA is such a unique and valuable asset: the ability to have so much data at our fingertips – accessible in seconds – is an incredibly rich and powerful analytical tool for all of our staff.

“In short, it’s true to say that SAP HANA Business Suite has enabled the McLaren Group to develop and grow into a world-class, international business.

McLaren Technology Group, Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Neale commented by saying;

It’s hugely satisfying to know we’ll be able to continue to rely on SAP’s integrated systems throughout the McLaren Technology Group. The success of the rollout of SAP solutions throughout the business is clearly evident.

“Running wall-to-wall SAP not only gives us the structure and platform for future growth, but it also provides us with greater efficiencies and insights throughout the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

“SAP is an extremely valuable partner to everyone at McLaren.

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