Ed Carpenter Racing’s Josef Newgarden has told Paddock Eye that he is excited to racing at Gateway in 2017.

Speaking during an teleconference, Newgarden said that the ECR oval package is very strong and he is looking forward to racing at the short oval circuit. Newgarden is yet to drive an IndyCar at the Gateway oval but can’t wait to compete there.

The Gateway race takes place on August 26 and is part of a double with Pocono Raceway on August 20. When asked:

Q. Josef, obviously you’ve been very strong on ovals this season. How excited are you going to be going to Gateway next season?

I think selfishly I’m pretty excited about it. I feel like ECR as a group have really put out great race cars on short ovals. When we had Milwaukee, as well, on the schedule, I thought we were quite strong there, and that carried over to Phoenix and Iowa, as well. I think Ed and me had a really good opportunity to find success at Phoenix earlier in the year, and it didn’t quite come together for really either of us, but I feel like we have great cars on short ovals and that type of package, and I love them. I actually think it’s some of the best racing that we have in IndyCars on short ovals. I’m very excited to go there. I’ve never been there. Ed got to test there not too long ago. Was that last year? Yeah, so Ed has already been there, and I’ve got to hear a little bit about it.

Selfishly I’m really excited for it. I hope that we put on a great race there. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to. From what I’ve heard from the grip level standpoint and the diversity between the two ends of the track, I think there’s going to create some opportunity where you could see some Iowa-esque type racing, potentially two types of grooves going in the racetrack. I’m really excited about it. I think it’s very encouraging for our racing series and what we’re going to be able to put out for a product, and me as just a driver, I think it’s going to be one of my favorite types of tracks.

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