The FIA confirmed on Tuesday that they will not seek to penalize Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel following the German’s radio rant during Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel swore several times over the radio towards the end of the race telling FIA race director Charlie Whiting to F*** o**. Vettel could have received a race ban had Charlie Whiting decided to take the matter to the World Motorsports Council.

Vettel finished the race in fourth place but was promoted to a podium finish before being demoted to fifth place in race for impeding Daniel Ricciardo.

The FIA released the following statement:

At the recent Mexican Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel made comments over team radio using repeated foul language directed at both the FIA Formula 1 Race Director Charlie Whiting and a fellow competitor which were retransmitted during the live broadcast of the event.

Immediately following this incident, Sebastian Vettel spontaneously sought out Charlie Whiting to express his regrets for his behaviour in person.  He then, again on his own initiative, sent letters to each of the FIA President Jean Todt and Charlie Whiting, in which he apologised profusely for his actions.  He also indicated that he would likewise be contacting  Max Verstappen and vowed that such an incident would never occur again.

In the light of this sincere apology and strong commitment, the FIA President has decided, on an exceptional basis, not to take disciplinary action against Mr Vettel by bringing this matter before the FIA International Tribunal.

The FIA will always condemn the use of offensive language in motor sport – especially when directed at officials and/or fellow participants – and expects all participants in its Championships to be respectful and mindful of the example they set for the public and the younger generation in particular.

The FIA takes this opportunity to advise that, in the event of any future incident similar to the one that occurred in Mexico, disciplinary action will be taken by bringing such incident before the FIA International Tribunal to be judged.

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