Managing Director of Motorsport Ross Brawn says he sees no reason why the Formula One calendar can’t be extended beyond 21 races.

The former Mercedes team principal says that in order for the calendar to be expanded the additional races have to be in exciting locations and good quality. Brawn’s comments come as Formula One Chairman and CEO Chase Carey confirmed last week that Liberty Media are in talks with several US cities to add at least one Grand Prix stateside along with the existing event at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

Brawn sees no reason why teams couldn’t put a structure in place that would for extra races and used NASCAR in America as an example where their teams have two separate crews for each team.

It is possible that if the financial structure within Formula One is changed where the prize money is distributed evenly among the teams than they would be able to afford to employ a second crew for each car allowing for more than 21 races which relieve the pressure on the teams.

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