The Brazilian Grand Prix is not at risk of losing its place on the Formula One calendar until 2017 and once renovations to the circuit are completed the circuits contract could be extended beyond its 2020 end day.

Tamas Rohonyi one of the organizers of the Grand Prix has said clearly that the delay of the reconditioning work of the track has inflamed the situation to start rumors.

Tamas has told to Autosport when asked about Ecclestone

“I know he has been anxious for a long time to see Interlagos developed more and more so what he probably meant was he was very anxious this [work] should all be done as good as possible and we have assured him it is all being done. However, a Brazilian site has declared that the work is underway to renew the asphalt surface and modernize the paddock area.

Recently, Ecclestone was asked during the Grand Prix of Europe, Baku, about the ongoing situation about the historical track, he had said to the organizer “there are chances that you do not run in 2017”. But Rohonyi commented

“Bernie really likes Brazil and the Grand Prix of Brazil”

In 1934, before World War II and the races were familiar in the country, the Brazilian Grand Prix was held one of the oldest motor racing event in history. Gavea circuit in Rio de Janeiro and Interlagos in Sao Paulo were where all it started but back then, it was not registered under the Formula One Championship where the inaugural season of it was only in 1950.

However, in 1973 was the first official race under the calendar of Formula One Championship in Sao Paulo and it was won by one of the oldest and greatest drivers in Brazil, Emerson Fittipaldi.

It is hard to believe to find the Brazilian Grand Prix out of the calendar of the Formula One Championship. As fans, we cannot let that happened just because of a lake of modernizing or some other economic situation issues that the country is going though. This Grand Prix has its own deep rooted history such as drivers like Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa and Carlos Pace where the Interlagos circuit was named after his name.

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