Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen felt that his opening day in Sochi was not ideal despite ending both sessions in fourth place.

Raikkonen felt that the car was not working the way he wanted it to. The Finn confirmed on Thursday that Ferrari have brought an upgraded power unit to Sochi this weekend and they will be hoping that it can give Raikkonen and Vettel a performance boost.

Speaking following his day in the car, Raikkonen commented by saying:

It was not an ideal day, one of those days you struggle to make the tires work and get the car where you want. I wasn’t doing any proper lap, but today it’s only practice, I’m sure we can improve for tomorrow. Overall I think we just have to work on the set up to make it as we want and then it should be ok. We have a new engine and new parts on the car, so far it has been working well. We wouldn’t use any new thing if we did not expect it to be good.

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