Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team’s Sebastian Vettel described Friday’s action at the Barcelona Circuit Du Catalunya as the best day of track action for the Silverstone-based outfit so far this season as he ended the day in eleventh place after ending the opening session in eighth place and speaking following the action for the four-time Formula One champion commented saying:

“I think it was our best Friday of the year so far: plenty of laps for Lance and me, and we have done some important homework ahead of the race. I felt happy today and it was my opportunity to try the new parts, which are a step forward. It is hard to say exactly where we will be tomorrow in a very close midfield competition, but we will try to find a bit more tonight to squeeze a few more tenths of performance.”

Lance Stroll commented on his day saying:

“That was a really busy Friday covering lots of laps and learning about the car. Even though it was windy and hot out there, I felt comfortable, and we did some useful work today. It is a case of continuing to understand the car and the new parts we have introduced, which seem to have taken us in a good direction. Today’s times showed just how close the grid will be here, and it is never easy to overtake on this track, so we have got to make sure we have a strong Saturday and hook up the laps when it matters.”

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