Brabham Automotive Managing Director David Brabham says that returning to the race track was a natural step for the company as racing is in their DNA.

Speaking at Autosport International, Brabham, the son of Formula One legend Jack Brabham said that it took seven years for the family to win their legal fight to use the Brabham name again.

The partnership of Jack Brabham and Ron Tuaranac during the ultra successful 1960’s in Formula One is something that David wants to emulate in the World Endurance Championship when the Brabham name returns to the world of the 24 Hours of LeMans in 2020/21.

Brabhan said that only 70 BT62’s will be built and that their detail on customer service will hopefully translate to the race track with the company returning to the race track.

Brabham is returning to racing not just to make up the numbers but to continue the legacy of the of the Brabham family.

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