Arrow McLaren SP’s Patricio O’Ward completed just one lap on the opening day of Spring Training at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas on Tuesday due to extremely poor weather.

Following the test, O’Ward was asked if he made it onto the track to which he replied:

We did one lap. We did one lap to try to see if we could get any heat into the brakes. But it was really tough. I guess not enough laps.

It felt like obviously it got a bit warmer than what it is when it’s just sitting there, but not quite enough to really push or to get any grip into the tire. It was pretty hard.

O’Ward tested the aeroscreen for the first time late last year and after testing on Tuesday he said:

was pretty impressed with it honestly because it’s a first try. It is an add-on to the car. It’s not like it’s built into it. It was done very well. I think it was done the best way it could have been done.

I’m excited to see whenever the new car comes out how it really incorporates into a car that’s developed around the aero screen or with the aero screen. But I think safety-wise obviously it’s going to be safer.

Not that it’s such an issue, but we’ll definitely feel quite a bit of difference whenever it’s hot and humid because it is quite hard to get air into the area we’re at to circulate. We have to be going quite a bit faster to really feel anything.

Usually the sensation when you lift your visor and you’re sweating, you would lift it to clear out the sweat or something. It didn’t seem to be the case when I tested in Sebring. There’s going to be some things we’re going to have to work through.

I think as a first try, it was pretty remarkable.

Testing continues today and will be open to the public following yesterday’s inclement weather.

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