Team Penske hit an incredible milestone this weekend as they compete in the 2,500th race series wide.

In the Verizon IndyCar Series, Helio Castroneves has the most starts for the team with 312 race starts and in the series the outfit have 736 races under their belt and our Long Beach this weekend with both the Verizon IndyCar Series and the WhetherTech IMSA Championship where Juan Pablo Montoya secured the team’s first pole position in the Team Penske Acura.

The team have most of their starts in the NASCAR with 1,412 starts. In IMSA the team have 183 starts.

The team have 99 starts in Supercars. Roger Penske’s outfit competed in 32 Formula One races and in 37 other races.

When it comes to US national sports, Roger Penske’s teams have 32 national champions which compares with 27 for the New York Yankees (MLB), 24 for the Montreal Candiens (NHL), 17 for the Boston Celtics (NBA) and 6 for the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL).

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