Motorsport legend Roger ‘The Captain’ Penske will not be retiring anytime soon as the head of his enterprise and is aiming to secure 20 Indianapolis 500 victories.

The 78 year old who celebrating his 50th year in motorsport believes it would be extremely special for his team to claim victory at the Indianapolis 500 this season firstly due to the fact that it is 100th running of the race in their 50th year in motorsport.

In an interview with, Penske stated:

“I guess it would be pretty special because it’s not only the 100th race, but it’s also the 50th anniversary of Penske Racing. When you put those two together, you’d have to say it’s pretty special. To be able to stand at the driver’s meeting this year (2016), as the previous (winning owner) does, along with the winning driver (Juan Pablo Montoya), would be pretty special because that’s going to be an iconic photo that’s going to last for the next 100 years.

Penske went on to say that he won’t be retiring anytime soon saying;

I certainly don’t have any plans to retire. As long as I have the funding and sponsorship, we’re going to be running cars at the Indianapolis 500. My outside goal is (to win) 20. I certainly wouldn’t stop at 17.

Team Penske are the reigning Indianapolis 500 champions after Juan Pablo Montoya went from 33rd and the back of the field to win his second Indy 500 win.

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